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Cyber crime, or computer crime, is one of the widest and fastest developing areas of criminal law. It is defined as any kind of criminal activity that can be committed through the use of a computer. As a result, there are lots of different kinds of computer crimes, including fraud, hacking, harassment, terrorism and sexual offences.

Computer crime is a very complex area of the law and as the use of electronic means for transferring information, documents, photographs, and videos has increased, so have state and federal prosecutions for computer and internet-related crimes.

The use of computers, tablets, and smartphones to transmit letters, texts, and images is commonplace. Millions of times per day, computers are used to transmit personal and sometimes incriminating information. The federal government has the ability to monitor virtually all of these transmissions. It does not take much for a federal judge to sign a warrant for federal government agents to monitor and/or retrieve your personal or business emails, texts, photographs, documents, etc. The power of the federal government is even greater at our border. For example when you enter the United States from another country, your computers, tablets, and smartphones can be searched. 

Because the internet crosses state lines, many computer crimes can be investigated by federal law enforcement and charged by the various United States Attorney offices throughout the United States as Federal crimes. There have also been thousands of federal criminal prosecutions based on the use of computers to facilitate the commission of crimes, especially business crimes such as fraud. This includes crimes like online credit card fraud offenses, identity theft schemes and hacking cases. It is typically the case that the penalties imposed for violations of these federal offenses are significantly more severe than what is imposed on the state level. Those convicted in federal court for computer crimes can potentially face many years in federal prison.

Federal agencies aggressively prosecute individuals who create, share, download, recieve and possess child pornography. They have a broad range of investigative tools at their disposal including the ability to access the chat function in numerous sharing platforms and pose as someone looking to provide or share child pornography images and videos. To some sharing these images or talking about engaging in a sex act with a child over the internet may seem harmless but for law enforcement this activity is taken very seriously and can lead to dire consequences. 

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If you are being investigated for committing a crime involving the use of a computer, do not give consent for your computer, tablet, or smartphone to be searched. The government may not need your consent under certain circumstances, but under no circumstances should you give consent – in writing or verbally- to allow the search of those items. You should politely and respectfully state that you do not give such consent and that you wish to contact a criminal defense attorney immediately. We have represented persons charged with computer crimes since computers came into widespread use, and we will be pleased to talk with you about your situation if you call us and set up an appointment. Contact a Miami computer crime attorney at 786 671-0499 today.

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