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Jeffrey S. Weiner, P.A. Jeffrey S. Weiner, P.A.
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    "Excellent knowledge and grasp of the law"

    Jeff Weiner and all of his associates have an excellent knowledge and grasp of the law but, perhaps more importantly, they ...

    - Ileana Ros-Lehtinen on Google
    "Best Recommendation ever received"

    "The exceptional team at Jeffrey S. Weiner 's law firm are compassionate and extremely professional." "Best Recommendation ...

    - Luis Tejeda on Google
    "They put everything they had into ensuring our desired outcome"

    Jeffrey Weiner & Diego Weiner did an excellent work and obtained a successful result in our case which was a long shot and we ...

    - Diana Murcia on Google
    "You are in good hands with this firm"

    If you're reading this just know that you will get through it. I'm sure most of us don't plan on being in a situation where ...

    - Kevin Pillow on Google
    "I explained my situation and within minutes he was on it and soon got me unexpected great results"

    Hard to Believe! In this hectic day and age it is difficult, if not impossible, to find reliable Professionals, much ...

    - Dean Levrey on Google
    "They were able to have my charges dropped before I had to go to court"

    Jeffery Weiner PA Jeffery Weiner, Yisel Villar and their entire staff were very helpful and professional in taking care of my ...

    - Jay R. on Google
    "Yisel became a beacon of hope to my family at a time when our options were limited"

    My family hired Jeffrey S. Weiner, P.A. Attorneys at Law, to help us with a frightening issue where my daughter was involved. ...

    - Mario Machin on Google
    "Jeffrey S. Weiner, PA is the embodiment of professionalism"

    Jeffrey S. Weiner, PA is the embodiment of professionalism. Its attorneys’ not only have mastery of the law in which they ...

    - Andres Pino on Google
    ""I highly recommend Jeff Weiner and co.""

    "I felt I was a family member talking to my kin. Yisel and Jeff made things happen!"

    - Dan Campbell, on Google
    ""I recommend Jeff to anyone who needs a criminal defense attorney.""

    "Jeff is not only a colleague, he is one of my closest friends, someone I respect and admire for the way he has served and continues to serve his clients."

    - David Elden, on Google
    ""Jeff always gets the job done right because he is so diligent and really cares.""

    "In this world it is not always "what" you know, it is truly "who" you know."

    - Robert D., on Google
    ""Best defense in the state.""

    "I would recommend Jeff and his team to anyone in a legal/criminal situation."

    - Anthony James, on Google
    ""Yisel Villar is top notch!""

    "Yisel Villar is top notch! She is the best and extremely knowledgeable."

    - Steven Silverberg, on Google
    ""Thank you so much for always being there for me!""

    "They say a good attorney knows the law and a great attorney knows the judge but Jeff Weiner is in a league of his own."

    - Jonathan Piccolo, on Google
    ""Incredible attention and availability.""

    "Incredible attention and availability to client, with quick desired result!"

    - Sarah, on Google
    ""I will not hesitate a second in recommending.""

    "I will not hesitate a second in recommending the law firm to anyone who might need a legal help."

    - Lanre Kelani, on Google
    ""WOW, I am impressed.""

    "Incredible amount of extremely valuable and possibly life saving information, as well as legal insight."

    - Dean Levrey, on Google
    ""He did a great job!!""

    "He did a great job!!! I could trust him and feel safe. Would highly recommend."

    - Tanya Nassif, on Google
    ""I cannot say enough about the professionalism of this firm.""

    "It is so refreshing to know that when you are most in need, there is a place you can rely for help."

    - Bonifacio Ramos, on Google
    ""Attorney Yisel Villar helped me with getting a matter resolved.""

    "I have had to hire attorneys in the past for the line of work I am in(Real Estate). I have never in all my years felt more comfortable. She kept me informed the whole way along."

    - Michael Saverino, on Google
    ""Highly recommend them.""

    "Diego Weiner and his staff are great. Very professional, helped me with my case and received a great outcome."

    - Jose Tercero, on Google
    ""They do not use a “one size fits all” approach to cases.""

    "Clients are not left in the dark with respect to developments in their case. With so much on the line, it is wise to hire the best which is Jeff Weiner’s law firm!"

    - Ileana Ros-Lehtinen, on Google
    ""Yisel Villar and Diego Weiner are excellent attorneys""

    "Yisel Villar and Diego Weiner are excellent attorneys with a 100% of professionality and respect to the the work they do on behalf of their clients. I do recommend them as the best attorneys to represent you in any potential litigation."

    - Dayro Alfonso, on Google
    ""It was a long process but we couldn't ask for better results.""

    "They put everything they had into ensuring our desired outcome and all while really listening and understanding the facts that could help us reach our goals."

    - Diana Murcia, on Google
    ""Mr. Weiner is an outstanding attorney and a man of his word.""

    "I came to him over 20 years ago with a problem that I had and without hesitation he gave me his word that he could help me with my problem. Shortly after retaining him for his services I received a letter from the State Attorney’s Office with a

    - Edwin L, on Google
    ""10/10 recommend!!!""

    "This office was recommended to me by a friend, and I couldn't be happier with the service!"

    - Megan Cobb, on Google
    ""I will not hesitate to contact Jeffrey Weiner Law Firm again.""

    "My family and I are going through a difficult situation and lawyer Yisel Villar and Annabelle offered me the necessary legal assistance and emotional support at all times."

    - Denia Lazo, on Google
    ""It feels really good to have my life and peace of mind back.""

    "After hiring Jeff, all of those stopped. Jeff took over all of the communications with the business and gave me real peace of mind. Jeff took care of everything. He explained all of my options to me, and ultimately resolved the matter in my favor.&qu

    - Charlie Daye, on Google
    ""Mr. Diego Weiner is an excellent Attorney.""

    "The updates really helped reduce the stress in my life even though he could not promise the outcome. Then he SUCESSFULLY!!!!; achieved the outcome I wanted and cleared my good name!!!"

    - Eric H, on Google
    ""Annabelle was fantastic to deal with.""

    "Annabelle was fantastic to deal with from the start of the case to the end of it, she remained professional and honest through the entire case and kept us up to date on everything that was happening."

    - Magnus S, on Google
    ""Beautiful clean professional office.""

    "Beautiful clean professional office. Secretary very nice, they offer you water, tea or coffee while you're waiting for the lawyer."

    - Juicy Jones, on Google
    ""You will get the best result you can get out there and in the best way possible.""

    "You won’t feel like you’re just another case, the experience that Jeff has and excellence and knowledge that the rest of the team will make you feel confident in what they’re doing to you."

    - Alik, on Google
    ""Hire them, you'll be glad you did!""

    "This law firm is the absolute best, from the assistants to the attorneys, everyone was very professional, courteous and at the top of their game."

    - Michael M., on Google
    ""Amazing professionals with a compassionate heart.""

    "Amazing professionals with a compassionate heart: the first thing that comes to mind when thinking of the Law Offices of Mr. Jeffrey S. Weiner, P.A."

    - Manuela Nelersa, on Google
    ""This gentlemen will ensure you’re case receives the best possible outcome!""

    "Highly recommend Jeffrey Weiner, he singlehandedly got involved in my case and was able to fight for a great plead deal. He is extremely passionate and exhibits unmatched knowledge in law! Look no further, this gentlemen will ensure you’re case

    - Chris Hill, on Google
    ""Amazing lawyers!""

    "Every case is a top priority and I am glad I chose them. Annabelle Nahra handled my case very well. I was able to come to her office anytime when needed, take any calls and inquiries about my case, and defended my case perfectly."

    - Francisco Bull, on Google
    ""Wouldn't use anyone else.""

    "This firm is professional, caring and go the extra mile. Wouldn't use anyone else."

    - Gussie Reicher, on Google
    ""The best of the best.""

    "If you are in a difficult legal situation I can definitely recommend you this amazing Law firm group . God bless them !"

    - Gabriela Contreras, on Google
    ""They got me a great result!""

    "Jeff Weiner and the attorneys in his office were absolutely incredible. The staff was warm and inviting. Whenever I had a question or concern, they always took my phone calls."

    - Victoria Repp, on Google
    ""I can say that Mr. Weiner was born to do what he does and be the best.""

    "In addition to their years of experience and level of knowledge in the field, they provide you with the support that you do not find anywhere else."

    - Leidy Diaz, on Google
    ""I admire their firm very much I would highly recommend them with out any hesitation!""

    "At every moment during my case, I always felt full support from all three attorneys- Jeff, Annabelle and Diego. In addition, their office staff is extremely friendly, professional and never fails to return a single phone call/email."

    - Barbie G., on Google
    ""Let's just say these guys work fast and efficiently.""

    "My case was dropped within a month and a half. I never went to court, and if I had any questions they would be answered that day. After my experience with Diego, Jeffrey and the team, I couldn't imagine going any where else. Thanks once again!"

    - Andres Calvo, on Google
    ""Jeffrey S. Weiner's Law Firm, is not only a Law Firm, is a LAW FAMILY.""

    "I find it difficult to find words to thank from the depths of my heart all the excellent and professional work that the Legal Firm did for me."

    - Sergio Yanes, on Google
    ""Incredible and attentive help from the firm.""

    "Incredible and attentive help from the firm.. Annabelle was very supportive and fought hard for me and I’m extremely relieved and satisfied with having chosen this firm."

    - Jennifer Corona, on Google
    ""Mr. Weiner and his entire staff were super friendly and professional!""

    "Mr. Weiner and his entire staff were super friendly and professional! Very grateful I had them on my side. You will not find a team that will fight harder for your best possible outcome anywhere. My family and I would say THANK YOU to everyone involv

    - Oscar Galban, on Google
    ""Mr. Weiner and his team were outstanding and I'd highly recommend them.""

    "Mr. Weiner and his team were outstanding and I'd highly recommend them."

    - Sean Ellis, on Google
    ""Mr. Weiner saved my life after making the biggest mistake of my life.""

    "He cared about my case, not like some other lawyers I had to deal with, and the fee was very fair. I write this simply as a small way of paying him back for everything he has done for me and my family."

    - Andres Osegueda, on Google
    ""I am eternally grateful for their services.""

    "Mr. Weiner and his team are compassionate, professional, and dedicated. They have gone above and beyond to provide my family with support and results just shy of a miracle. I am eternally grateful for their services."

    - Edgar Vázquez, on Google
    ""I would highly recommend this Law Office to ANYONE.""

    "Shortly thereafter, I met attorney Diego Weiner, who was to be at my very first court hearing and he is a very personable and well connected person. Immediately, with our first introduction before the pretrial began, I feel at ease and confident that

    - Rio Chavarro, on Google
    ""Had a case in Tallahassee, Diego came out and hit a homerun for me!""

    "Had a case in Tallahassee, Diego came out and hit a homerun for me! Thank you Diego Weiner and Jeffrey Weiner for getting things back on track for me. Great work!"

    - Henry Knez, on Google
    ""I'm very thankful for hiring attorney Jeff S. Weiner.""

    "I found them extremely professional, attentive and understanding. My case, although unsubstantiated, but very hurtful and potentially leading to very serious consequences was handled in utmost diligent way."

    - Mariusz Chrobak, on Google
    ""Keep up the good work!!""

    "That being said, let me just add that the only reason I am giving Jeffrey S. Weiner and his Staff a mere five-star review is because that was the highest rating option available in Google Business Reviews."

    - J. G., on Google
    ""After shopping several attorneys, I know I made the right choice while selecting this one.""

    "After shopping several attorneys, I know I made the right choice while selecting this one. In a world where results truly matter, you can trust the law firm of Jeffrey S. Weiner, PA."

    - Todd Schreier, on Google
    ""Mr Weiner and his staff stayed in contact with me letting me know of the status of our case.""

    "I had a financial situation with Teachers Retirement System of Texas. I visited with MR Weiner about the mater he took my case. After a short time I was awarded the extra year of retirement."

    - Pete Truncale, on Google
    ""I would like to thank with all my heart for the wisdom, dedication and intelligence of this group""

    "I would like to thank with all my heart for the wisdom, dedication and intelligence of this group, they are amazing people and I assure you a successful defense, thank you with all my heart"

    - Giorgi Frometa, on Google
    ""Could not ask to be in more capable hands.""

    "I have worked with Annabelle Nahra and she is incredibly knowledgeable, professional, compassionate and dedicated. I can personally attest that she will handle your case in the most effective and efficient way possible. She works quickly without cutt

    - William Kelley, on Google
    ""Mr. Weiner has handled multiple cases for me and the results have always exceeded my expectations.""

    "As an answering service manager I can tell you that most attorneys are extremely responsive when you're a "new case" calling, but once you've paid the fees the attorney's instructions are to "hold" your calls. Mr. Weiner will alwa

    - Michael Consiglieri, on Google
    ""Their customer service was genuine and pleasant, I have no complaint at all!""

    "At the offices of Jeffrey S. Weiner not only did they make me feel safe and protected, they did their job effectively quickly and great. Their customer service was genuine and pleasant, I have no complaint at all!"

    - Giacomo Bacigalupo, on Google
    ""The team at Jeffrey S Weiner's office is dedicated, compassionate and diligent.""

    "Mr Jeffrey S Weiner himself is a very knowledgeable and experienced lawyer, an altruistic man and a compassionate human being. The same can be said about his son Diego Weiner, excellent personality and always trying to get the best results for you.&q

    - Abel Rodriguez, on Google
    ""Best recommendation I have ever received as he was able to resolve the entire matter expeditiously.""

    "I ran into some issues when I was traveling down in Miami and ended up needing to retain an attorney. I asked a friend of mine who lives just outside the city and he recommended I contact Jeff. Best recommendation I have ever received as he was able

    - Alan Spring, on Google
    ""Mr. Weiner is the definition of knowledge and integrity.""

    "When looking for legal representation. It is imperative that you find the very best in the field. I found myself in one of these situations, and luckily, I found Jeffrey Weiner."

    - Charles Cowles, on Google
    ""Mr Weiner's office is THE place to go.""

    "Long story short, this firm has the experience and reach to get things done for you and get you out of trouble. The attorneys have unmatched experience and reach (obviously, public review has its natural limitations). The office staff is incredible.&

    - Vitaliy Pereverzev, on Google
    ""Jeffrey Weiner is an outstanding P.A.""

    "Jeffrey Weiner is an outstanding P.A. He took care of my case and 17 years later I had a question and he had the answers."

    - Steve Deview, on Google
    ""I would highly recommend him.""

    "The stress of having legal trouble can be really daunting, and knowing you have a fantastic lawyer on your side is key. That's why I went with Jeffrey Weiner for my DUI case last fall. He fought hard for my case, kept me in the loop, and brought just

    - Justine Luzzi, on Google
    ""He walked me through everything I needed to know and what my next steps were.""

    "I called this firm for information about a potential case and received the most comprehensive information from Jeff Weiner. He walked me through everything I needed to know and what my next steps were. I would recommend him to anyone looking for help

    - Lisa Stein, on Google
    ""Jeff went into court and stood up and somehow worked a miracle with the judge.""

    "I had violated my probation and the federal gov't was trying to add another 8-10 felonies on top of that. The Feds wanted me to do jail time and to make a long story short Jeff went into court and stood up and somehow worked a miracle with the judge

    - Barry Goldman, on Google
    ""An absolutely amazing group of attorneys that truly care about you and your outcome.""

    "An absolutely amazing group of attorneys that truly care about you and your outcome."

    - Rocco Turzi, on Google
    ""The legal staff and team within Mr. Weiner's law firm are all exceptional lawyers.""

    "If you are considering a lawyer, then look no further! Mr. Weiner is the lawyer! His stalwart and no quit attitude led to the successful outcome of a very arduous and rigorous case, for which he was never deterred from taking on."

    - Ullyses Rodriguez-Vara, on Google
    ""God Bless You Mr. Weiner!""

    "Jeffrey Weiner has the experience, the incredible knowledge of the justice system and the professionalism that an extraordinary lawyer should have. He has been on top of my case since the first day I met with him."

    - Maria Rodriguez, on Google
    ""I highly recommend you hire Jeffrey S. Weiner as your lawyer representative.""

    "Mr. Weiner helped us out in ways other lawyers were not capable of handling. Mr. Weiner and his staff (Anabelle and everyone) will be on your side and get everything done for you in a professional matter."

    - Franky Diamonds, on Google
    ""Thank you very much DIEGO.""

    "Thank you very much DIEGO ... I arrived very worried at this office, because of a problem I should never have, I had many things at stake and they helped me until the last moment they were always there when I needed them they always answered my calls

    - Miguel Estupinan, on Google