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Case Victories

  • Seven Felonies Dismissed in High Profile Case Felonies Dismissed

    In the criminal case involving Donald Trump and others in Atlanta, Georgia, our felony defense lawyers were able to get seven felonies dismissed against our client. Our client entered pleas to misdemeanors and was sentenced to probation. He was neither convicted nor adjudicated guilty which means that he did not get a criminal conviction as a result of that very serious and high-profile case. This resolution allowed our client to retain his several professional licenses.

  • Harsh Federal Sentence Reversed Sentence Reversed

    In the United States Court of Appeals, our Federal appellate lawyers were able to get a sentence of many years set aside and to have the case remanded for a new sentencing. We did not represent the defendant in the trial court but were retained to appeal his conviction and very harsh sentence. The victory was based on our argument that the United States District Judge misapplied the United States Sentencing Guidelines. Getting a reversal in a federal criminal case is very rare.

  • Federal Forfeiture Set Aside Forfeiture Set Aside

    Our federal criminal lawyers were successful in setting aside a final order of forfeiture entered against our clients for several million dollars in Federal District Court.

  • Child Pornography Case Dismissed Case Dismissed

    In a possession of child pornography case, our criminal defense attorneys were able to convince the sex crimes prosecutor to dismiss the very serious felony charges filed against our client by proving to her that he did not have knowledge that the images and videos in question contained child pornography. By getting his case dismissed, we were able to save him a conviction, time in prison, sex offender registration and his professional license as a realtor – and we saved his reputation.

  • Law Students Admitted to The Florida Bar Successful Representation

    We were successful in representing several unrelated law students who applied to the Florida Board of Bar Examiners and whose applications were delayed because of incidents (i.e., cheating in college, prior arrests and convictions, mental health and substance abuse issues) earlier in their lives. As a result of our representation, they were each admitted to The Florida Bar and are now practicing attorneys.

  • Probation Sentence in Multimillion Dollar Cases Unlicensed Money Transmission Cases

    In Federal court, our conspiracy defense attorneys were able to keep three of our clients from serving prison sentences when they were charged with unlicensed money transmission involving millions of dollars.

  • Department of Justice Grand Jury Investigation Ends with NO INDICTMENT

    Our federal defense lawyers were able to successfully resolve a Federal grand jury investigation by the Department of Justice who was targeting a well-known and respective member of the United States House of Representatives. As a result of our efforts, we were able to convince a high-ranking Federal prosecutor that our client was innocent of the alleged federal election law violations.

  • Restoration of Civil Rights Restoration of Civil Rights

    Our criminal defense lawyers were able to secure a Restoration of Civil Rights from the Florida Board of Executive Clemency chaired by Florida Governor Ron DeSantis for a gentleman who had been convicted of Federal felonies.

  • Concealed Weapon License Granted After Denials License Granted

    Our Second Amendment gun rights lawyers were successful in several cases in convincing the State of Florida Department of Agriculture to issue concealed weapon/firearm licenses when their applications were suspended or denied for various reasons including prior arrests and mental health issues.

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