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Places to Visit in Redlands, FL

Explore the Best of Redlands

One of the few remaining rural areas in Miami, Redland is quite a special place. Named after the red soil that is synonymous with the area, the town is rich in history and home to long term residents. Despite it being a rural enclave, Redland has plenty of attractions for both local and international tourists. If you re around the area wondering where you can visit, here are a few places you can start with. Visit this link for Miami, FL facts.

A Park Devoted to Exotic Fruits

The Redland is all about growing different things from fruits to indigenous trees and flowers. Here you will find edible foods that cannot be found anywhere else in the continental United States. From seventy-five different types of bananas to other things you’ve probably had never heard or seen before, like black sapote, eggfruit, and marula. There is a visitor center with fruits for sampling and guided tours. Discover facts about Palmetto Bay Is A Neighborhood for Nature Lovers.

Sample Florida Style Wines

Redland hosts Miami-Dade’s first commercial winery, which is quite a famous attraction. The wines are grapeless and thus made from tropical fruits such as passion, mango, and guava, among others. This is a good place to bring your partner for a romantic getaway.