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Palmetto Bay Is A Neighborhood for Nature Lovers

Enjoy the Peace and Tranquility That Comes with Nature

With a population of just about twenty-three thousand people, Palmetto Bay was one of the adversely affected areas on the coast by Hurricane Andrew during the summer of 1992. Despite a slow rebuild, there are still signs of the epic storm over twenty-five years later. However, the silver lining is that there are plenty of attractive sites, especially parks that keep the relatively quiet neighborhood beautiful. Here are some of the popular ones. See further information here.

Coral Reef Park

Standing at something close to fifty acres, Coral reef Park has become one of the locals’ favorites. It is open to the public every day, and with its popularity, can get crowded at times. If you are not a fan of the massive crowds, then the best time to enjoy your peace and tranquility is in the morning, once they’ve opened. A good place to go for a leisure stroll, biking, or even picnics. Learn more about Opa-Locka Is A Motorsport Enthusiast Town.

Enchanted Forest Elaine Gordon Park

Living up to its name, this twenty-acre plus oasis in the heart of Florida’s largest city has plenty to offer guests. From shaded trails to creeks and treed areas you are sure to enjoy nature at its finest. You can also find pony rides for the little ones in the afternoon.