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Budget-Friendly Attractions in Pinecrest

Enjoy the Best That Nature Has to Offer

Miami has a good number of expensive, exclusive suburbs, and one that stands out is Pinecrest. While technically not being a city or a town, Pinecrest is a region that is always full of activity and has been ranked as one of the most expensive zip codes. While this may suggest its not a place to go for a family vacation on a budget, there are plenty of things you can do while in Pinecrest and still stay within your budget constraints. Here are some of them. Information can be found here.

Pinecrest Gardens

The fact that it has been named one of the premier recreation destinations in Pinecrest should tell you a lot. This local favorite has more amenities than most local parks, and that is what gives it the edge. From walking paths that lead to natural environment, to a petting zoo for the little ones, Pinecrest Gardens sure is a place you have to stop by while in the area. See here for information about Best Things to Do While in Coconut Grove.

Matheson Hammock Park

Located on Old Cutler Road a few miles away in Coral Gables, Matheson Hammock Park boasts over six hundred acres of natural wonder tucked inside a relatively developed urban area. It’s a popular place for people looking to breathe some fresh air and stretch their legs.