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Best Things to Do While in Coconut Grove

Places You Can’t Afford to Miss

From dining to shopping and recreation, Coconut Grove continues to be one of Miami’s most favored destinations by tourists. The neighborhood has plenty to offer, and there is no doubt why this is so. If you are within the area, there are certain attractions that you simply cannot afford to miss. Here are some of them. Learn information about Miami, FL.

Vizcaya Museum and Gardens

Built over a hundred years ago, initially as a winter retreat, the lavish villa pays tribute to the Italian Renaissance. It functions as a museum and is very popular among the locals. Here you will find much of the original and iconic decorative European artwork and furnishings. In addition to that, there is a lush garden with beautiful scenery that provides the perfect backdrop for photography. A good place to visit with friends, family, and even colleagues. Learn information about Miami, FL.

The Kampong

This is a stunning botanical garden that stands at a massive nine acres. Here, you get to see lots of intriguing vegetation from the sausage tree named for its pendulous fruits, a hundred-year-old baobab that traces its origins from Tanzania and weighs close to fifty tons and so much more.