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Why Do You Need an Experienced Federal Criminal Defense Lawyer to Represent You in a Federal Criminal Case?


If you are being investigated or charged with a Federal criminal offense, you are facing an extremely serious case and will potentially be subject to a long prison sentence.

Federal criminal offenses are prosecuted by Assistant United States Attorneys and investigated by different Federal agencies such as the FBI, the DEA, and ATF. Sometimes, Federal cases are prosecuted by trial attorneys from the Department of Justice based in Washington, D.C. The law and the rules governing Federal criminal prosecutions are quite different from the ones applied in the state court systems. Many Federal inmates are serving lengthy prison sentences for convictions of white collar crimes such as conspiracy, embezzlement, counterfeit, extortion, fraud, health care fraud, bribery, drug offenses, sex offenses, immigration offenses, national security violations, weapons and explosives violations.

We represent many professionals including politicians, professional athletes and physicians who have been charged with white collar crimes. It is critical that you hire an experienced, skilled and knowledgeable Federal criminal defense lawyer to represent you. Call us for a free consultation if you are being investigated or charged with a Federal criminal offense.

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