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Will the Us Government Help Me If I Am Arrested in a Foreign Country?

The answer is very simple. No. The United States government says they wanna be notified when a US citizen is arrested abroad, that's correct, but once they're notified, at best, they'll come visit and make sure you're okay, or make sure that someone in the States is notified. They're not gonna help you. We handle international criminal cases. I've been doing it for 41 years. I've handled cases in Israel and Spain and South Africa, in Mexico, all throughout Europe and all over the world. If someone is arrested, who is a US citizen, it is absolutely critical that you have a knowledgeable United States international criminal defense lawyer who can go to where your relative is arrested and to make sure they're properly represented, to make sure that we work with the best criminal defense lawyers, the most honest, the most respected criminal defense lawyers, and we are your liaison to make sure everything works right, so don't just get on the phone and hope you get a good lawyer overseas because the odds are you're not going to get the lawyer you need because of our 41 years involvement in international criminal cases, we know or have access to the best criminal defense lawyers all over the world, and you can trust us to give you truthful and correct and honest and legitimate information regarding your relative's case.