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My Mugshots Appear Online. What Can I Do?

Mugshots, arrest records, court records are all public records, so they're online, and unfortunately, they're online in a lot of places. There are companies that mine this information and put it on dozens and dozens of websites and often try to charge you to get it removed. Some of these companies are very, very unscrupulous. So let's say your case is dismissed, we can get your mug shot information, your arrest information, your case information removed from the Internet, and depending on the result of your case, there's all sorts of things that can be done and it's so important. We have people who come in who are holding good jobs or who are applying for jobs, who get rejected or fired because their employer spots something on the Internet that happened sometimes decades ago, years ago, weeks ago, even if the case was dismissed, so you need to come to experienced criminal defense lawyers who know about the Internet, know how to deal with these companies, and can properly advise you and represent you to get your name, your mugshot, your arrest record, your case information removed from the Internet whenever possible.