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When Can Police Use Police Dogs?

Police dogs are used more and more by law enforcement, both state and federal. They do a great job in bomb detection. But for almost everything else other than actual police work in the sense of going after bad guys and stopping them and biting them, it is a complete fraud. Let me explain what I mean. Using them for bomb detection, explosive dogs, fantastic. Using them to get bad guys running away, got no problem with that as long as they're kept under control and they don't just let them bite and bite and bite unnecessarily. The problem I have is when they're used for drug detection whether it's to find drugs or to find currency tainted with drugs, which is virtually all currency. Police control their dogs. No matter how honest the policeman is, the bottom line is the police control when a dog alerts. And the Supreme Court was so naïve that they basically said that if a police dog that's properly trained, whatever that means, alerts, that equals probable cause and the police get a free search. We're very, very knowledgeable in all matters relating to police K9. I've written numerous articles on it. It is really a fraud on the court. They should never be used to determine probable cause. And it's a subject that is near and dear to our hearts here in our law firm because the abuse we see with the use of police canines is rampant, and it's on a daily basis.