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If I Am a College Student & Get Arrested, What Will Happen?

You've got big problems. Potentially very big problems. We've represented students from universities all over the State of Florida and several from outside the state, the universities often get involved, and aside from dealing with the criminal case, which of course is critical and essential, the university has their own rules, not nearly as stringent as the rules that govern in criminal courts, where the standard of proof is proof beyond a reasonable doubt, so we've had cases where we've had clients found not guilty in the criminal courts and yet the universities still take action against them for something as minor as having a marijuana cigarette, we've had students who were star athletes on full scholarships, being threatened with being expelled from the university, to losing a semester, to being suspended or literally being kicked out of the school, so if you're a college or a university student or a professor or a staff member who's been charged with a crime, it's essential that you get a top-notch criminal defense attorney, and also someone who has handled the representation of students and faculty members on university and college campuses, because that's a whole different world than criminal court.