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Will My Medical Needs Be Met in Prison?

Unfortunately, the answer is probably not. Medical care in federal and state prisons is almost non-existent. It is a disgraceful situation, especially in the Florida prison system. The Miami Herald and other newspapers have written how corrupt and how pathetic, filthy, dirty and horrible the federal and state prisons are. And in the Florida system especially, there's virtually no meaningful medical care except in rare circumstances. Very often the Corrections Officers don't care, people could put in for medical assistance day after day after day and be ignored. The federal system's not much better. So the bottom line is, if you're going to serve time and you have medical issues, get that taken care of before you go in to serve your sentence because you cannot count on quality medical care if you're serving time. And I'm embarrassed as a lawyer to say that that's the case, but that is the case. And anyone who was involved in the criminal justice system, state or federal, will tell you that what I'm telling you is 100% accurate.