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Who Investigates & Prosecutes Federal Crimes?

Federal crimes typically start out with Federal Agents, FBI, DEA, IRS, task forces, these agents who call themselves special agents, investigate criminal activity. When they feel they have probable cause to charge somebody with a crime, they usually either make an arrest or meet with an assistant United States attorney, a federal prosecutor, in order to get an arrest warrant or an indictment against that individual, then they will make an arrest, so all federal crimes have to go through the United States Attorneys Office in one of 97 federal districts around the United States. Federal Prosecutors are attorneys that handle and prosecute federal crimes, it is absolutely crucial during the investigative stage, and of course, afterwards, that if you are a subject or a target of a federal criminal investigation, that you not talk with federal agents, there's no circumstance where it will benefit you to talk with federal agents when you are being investigated, you need to have a competent criminal defense attorney who understands federal criminal law and who's authorized to practice in the federal courts. If we can be of assistance to you, call us.