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Who Can Own a Gun under Federal Law?

The Second Amendment guarantees us a right to keep and to bear arms. The United States Supreme Court solidified the meaning of the Second Amendment, that I'm a strong believer in it. However, there are certain restrictions, and if you don't understand what they are, you can easily be charged with a federal crime. We've represented many people who were involved in federal gun crimes from selling them at gun shows, not as a hobby, but as a business, to shipping them to foreign countries for legitimate reasons, for example, to ship it to a relative who lives in a very dangerous foreign country so that the relative can protect himself or herself and their families. Federal crimes, your lawyer must understand guns, handguns, long guns and the laws involving them. There are restrictions, of course, if you're a convicted felon, you cannot own or possess a firearm and that includes bullets. The bottom line is this; We don't have enough time to go into all the laws and the ramifications, but if you're charged with a gun crime, state or Federal, you must have a lawyer. Not only experienced as a criminal defense lawyer, but a lawyer who understands guns and I do. I've trained with Massad Ayoob, with John Farnam. I've lectured on the topic. I'm involved in guns in a big way. I've handled the first, Stand Your Ground case in Dade County, that's Miami, Florida. And we understand what's involved in the use of handguns, of long guns for self-defense.