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What Should I Do If I Am Arrested with Criminal Sexual Internet Activity Involving Minors?

During the past few years, we have represented so many people that are charged with child pornography we later defend in both state and federal courts, but mostly federal court. This almost always involves the use of the Internet, and very often, there's a mandatory minimum incarceration period upon conviction of 60 months, and sometimes, a lot more than that because typically in the federal sentencing guidelines, the amount of the child pornography is critical to determining what the sentencing range might be. So, for example, receipt of some photographs is very different than receiving videos that have multiple images. Child pornography is horribly serious. It affects so many lives in such negative ways, and people don't understand. We hear all the time that, "Gee, I was just curious. I thought it was okay. I was just looking on the internet, I didn't buy it. I never touched a child," that sort of thing. The fact of the matter is viewing it, possessing it, downloading it, distributing it from your computer to others are all serious federal and state offenses. Child pornography is never okay, it is never legal under any circumstances, and the younger the children are that are depicted in the pornography, the more serious the sentence will be upon conviction. So if you're being investigated, if you are served with a search warrant and your computers are taken, call us immediately so we can represent you properly.