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What Must the Prosecutor Prove in Order to Prove I Am Guilty of Shoplifting?

Shoplifting or petty theft is proven when the prosecutor can show, typically through store security, eyewitness testimony, sometimes video, that you took merchandise or switched tags on merchandise and left the store without paying for them. Now, plenty of innocent people get accused because they're holding a child, they're busy, they have too much merchandise and don't have a cart, they put something in their purse or in their pocket intending to pay. And then other people are guilty. They have false bottoms on suitcases. They go into changing rooms and stuff clothes or jewelry or merchandise into their pockets or into their clothes. So the fact of the matter is, if you're accused by the store security people and police are called, be polite and courteous, don't admit to anything. Just merely give them your name, give them your address. If you're going to be arrested, there's nothing you can do to stop it, and then call us so we can adequately and properly represent you. Shoplifting, petty theft, or even grand theft, depending on the value of the merchandise, can have lifelong negative effects. So, you've got to be properly represented. Shoplifting, grand theft, petty theft are all serious crimes. They're criminal acts. So don't be a shoplifter, and if you get accused, if you get arrested, if you get caught, call us.