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What Is the Difference Between DUI & DWI in Florida?

A lot of people ask, What's the difference between a DUI or a DWI? The answer is, there's no difference. I've handled cases in over 25 states, and in some states they call it driving under the influence, like Florida, other states call it driving while under the influence. That's where the 'W' comes from. There's no difference whatsoever DUI is serious, it's a very serious misdemeanor with serious repercussions and ramification if you're found guilty or if you plead guilty to a DUI. So it's very, very important that you have an experienced DUI attorney to represent you. Even if you feel that, "Gee! I don't have a defense, I was clearly guilty. I was falling down. The video is horrible." That's when you need the best criminal defense lawyer you can find, because you've got to be well-represented. DUI is serious.