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What Is a Federal Grand Jury?

A federal grand jury is a nightmare for everyone other than the federal grand jurors and the federal prosecutors that control them. Federal grand juries are simply rubber stamps for prosecutors. There's the saying among lawyers and judges that a federal grand jury will indict a ham sandwich. Federal grand jurors do whatever federal prosecutors want, period, end of story. I'll never forget years ago, I was representing a witness before a federal grand jury, it was Christmas time, and I hear a singing of Christmas carols and who's singing? Federal prosecutors, federal agents are singing along with the grand jurors. It was disgraceful. So if you have any thought that federal grand juries are fair, that federal grand juries will protect you if you're innocent, lose those thoughts immediately because nothing could be further from the truth. If you're being investigated by a federal grand jury, you're in big trouble because that means in all likelihood you're going to be indicted. And if you are being investigated by a federal grand jury, it is critical that you have an experienced federal criminal defense lawyer to represent you as early as possible and at every stage in the proceedings.