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What Do Police Officers Look for When Searching for Drunk Drivers on the Highways?

Police officers will be looking for any sign of impairment. This can often mean perhaps you're crossing over a lane, maybe you took a turn without indicating properly or you were speeding, all these different indicators to police can indicate that you were DUI, even though the situation could have been completely innocent, perhaps you didn't realize that you were about to miss your turn or your indicator light wasn't working properly, in those circumstances, the officers will often pull you over and begin an investigation for a DUI. They'll start looking for signs of impairment, do you have bloodshot eyes? Is there odor of alcohol? Are you having a difficult time locating your registration and your license to provide to them? All of these things will add up in an officer's mind to find that you are DUI. And in most circumstances, they are looking to find you DUI. If you have been pulled over by an officer, be polite, be courteous, don't make any statements regarding any alcohol that you may or may not have drunk or where you were that evening, instead, contact us as soon as you can so that we can assist you in this case.