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What Are the Legal Distinctions Between Possession, Dealing & Trafficking in Florida?

Possession of a controlled substance is typically a state offense. The Feds normally don't get involved in simple possession, they handle more serious matters. So the Feds will get involved in possession with intent to distribute. The more serious state charges are trafficking, that means people who are attempting to sell or selling controlled substances. The evidence can be wire-tap information, hand-to-hand sales, undercover informants that are out there audio and video taping, police that are watching sales take place, and actual distribution where people are caught selling drugs or distributing drugs or packaging drugs or meeting with people to try to sell the drugs. So possession is the least serious, usually state, usually a misdemeanor, unless it's, for example, cocaine or a crime or a drug other than marijuana. But intent to distribute and trafficking are much, much, much more serious, and if you're charged with any of those offenses, you must have an experienced criminal defense lawyer represent you, or you'll end up having a permanent record, it'll be on the internet and it will affect you throughout your entire life.