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What Are Some Examples of White-collar Crimes?

White-collar crimes are crimes that are really business crimes. White-collar crimes can be mail fraud, wire fraud, bank fraud, health care fraud, we can go on and on. All the white collar crimes, so-called white-collar crimes, are listed in the United States code. If you're being accused of conspiracy to commit any of these crimes or any of the crimes, or if you're being investigated, for example, by a regulatory agency, federal or state, you need an experienced criminal defense lawyer who understands not only the law, not only the criminal procedure that's involved, not only the evidence that's involved, but who understands your business, your industry, so that your lawyer can properly represent you. If the lawyer doesn't understand your business, if the lawyer doesn't understand what you do, how you got involved in this, whether you're innocent or not, you're not getting proper representation. If we can help you, call us, and if you're being investigated or charged with a criminal case, we can help you.