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What Are Federal Criminal Sentences & Where Will I Serve Time?

The sentence that you're gonna get on a federal case depends on many different types of factors. It depends on the type of case that you were charged with. It depends on whether there is a plea that was negotiated or whether you were convicted trial. What most people don't realize is what also is really important is the relationship that your attorney has with the prosecutor, with the agents involved in the case, and with the judge that's gonna be handling your sentencing. We've handled hundreds of federal cases in district courts in Florida and in district courts all across the United States, and it has an enormous impact, the relationship that your lawyer does have with the prosecutor and with the judge. And it's not always important just what type of sentence you get and how long it is, but it's essential where you're gonna serve that sentence. Our clients wanna be close by their family. Sometimes our clients have specific medical conditions that need for them to be placed in certain facilities. There's often other facilities that make available educational seminars that can reduce your time. If that's a type of facility that you would wanna go to, then we'll do everything that we can to make sure that you go to the best facility that is closest to your family, where all of your conditions, whether medical or not, can be treated, and that you could take classes so you can further reduce the amount of time that you're gonna be spending in custody.