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What Agencies Investigate White Collar Crime?

White collar crimes are investigated by almost all federal agencies, even agencies that you may think of as being civil in nature, like the SEC for example, or the Federal Reserve, even though they don't prosecute criminal cases, they work up cases. The cases can result in civil sanctions, but also can be turned over to federal prosecutors, so virtually every federal agency involves so-called white collar or business crime. As soon as you learn that you or your company is being investigated by any federal agency, law enforcement or regulatory, it is absolutely essential that you have an experienced federal criminal defense attorney who understands white collar crime, who understands how it works, whether it's the SEC, whether it's the Federal Reserve, we have handled cases involving a myriad of federal agencies, very often working together in what they call Task Forces. So, if you're being investigated or of course, if you've been charged, you need an experienced white collar federal criminal defense attorney to guide you, to represent you and to help you through every stage of the proceedings because the ramifications are extraordinarily serious and potentially very, very harsh.