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Is There Parole for People Who Have Been Convicted of a Federal Crime?

There is no such thing as parole in the federal system anymore, it doesn't exist. So what happens is people serve their sentences in federal cases, and then shortly before they're done, if it's not a sex offense or a violent offense, or if they don't have an extensive criminal history, they are typically eligible to spend the last six months or so in a halfway house to ease them back into society, so they go to a halfway house, they get a job while they're there, they go back to the halfway house to sleep, they can see their families and it eases them back into society. Also, almost in every federal case, there's a period of what's called supervised release, that follows the release of a person from a federal sentence, it's sort of like parole, but it's not called parole anymore, there are no more parole boards in the federal system, it's called supervised release, and essentially it's probation after the completion of a federal sentence, any parole issues from years ago, we can deal with, but for the most part, now, these are supervised release issues, probation issues, probation violation, supervised release violation, we can help you with all of those as experienced criminal defense lawyers, so call us.