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Is My Name Going to Be in the Paper after a Drunk Driving Arrest in Florida?

All arrests are public record, whether you're arrested by local authority, state authorities, or federal authorities. The likelihood is that unless you're a well-known person, your name is not gonna appear in the newspaper, unless you're in a small town where they publish all of the arrests. The real danger is not the newspaper, the danger is the internet. All the arrests are on the internet. There are companies that capture all the arrest information, including arrest photos or mug shots as they're called, and then they post them all over the internet on many different sites. It's a gigantic problem that legislators are now beginning to deal with. It's important that you have an experienced criminal defense attorney who can advise you after your case is over, how to try to get your name removed from these internet sites. If not, these photographs, these sites will haunt you for years and years to come.