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Is Medical Marijuana Legal in Florida?

I had a very good friend who had cancer. He was wasting away. His doctor said even though it's illegal in Florida, get marijuana, smoke marijuana and my friend, who never smoked marijuana in his life, got some marijuana, smoked it and lived five years. He said marijuana saved him. It gave him an appetite, it stopped the nausea, it sickens me that legislators don't allow people to smoke a plant, if that's what helps them. To answer your question, it's not legal in Florida yet, but I predict that medical marijuana will be legal in Florida, but with very severe restrictions. But as more and more states legalize marijuana for personal use and consumption, I think Florida will be among those states, depending on who our Governor is at the time and who controls the state legislature, whether it's Democrats or Republicans. I'm not here to talk politics, but the bottom line is right now, possession of marijuana is a crime. So whatever your political beliefs are regarding marijuana, don't get caught with marijuana because it's a crime.