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IRS Agents Showed up Unannounced & Want to Talk to Me. What Should I Do?

If you get a knock on the door from IRS agents or from any federal agents, you're in trouble. So my advice is very simple. You be polite and courteous. You do not invite them in. You do not sign anything. You do not say anything other than, "Would you please leave me your card? I'm gonna seek counsel and I'll be back in touch. Thank you very much." Do not answer questions. Secondly, you can be assured that if agents knock on your door, there will be at least two of them, so anything you say will be interpreted in a light most favorable to them because they will write a report for whatever you say. So do not invite them in. Do not talk to them. Be polite and courteous. And advise family members, if you think you're being investigated, to do exactly what I've told you to do. Get their names, get their card, be polite and courteous, and say nothing other than what I have told you.