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If I Am Indicted & Convicted, What Sentence Will I Receive?

If you're indicted or convicted in a federal case, the sentence you are going to receive depends on a lot of different things. First of all it depends on the type of crime that you've been convicted of, it also then depends on the federal sentencing guidelines. Those are guidelines that assist the judge in determining what kind of a sentence you should be given. And lastly, in fact, most importantly, the type of sentence that you're going to get is often determined by the arguments that we will make for you at your sentencing hearing. At those hearings, we usually will have family members come and... To testify on your behalf, we'll also present the court with your background information about who you are and all the necessary information that the judge will need to know in order to give you a fair sentence. Those hearings are absolutely essential and imperative, and we've been doing those hearings for over 41 years. If you are convicted of any type of federal case, please contact us so that we can help you and help ensure that you get the lowest sentence possible.