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I Was Stopped by Store Security & Accused of Shoplifting What Should I Do?

Under the laws of Florida and almost every state, a shopkeeper has a right, typically through their security people, to stop you if they believe they have evidence that you were shoplifting. The crime is often called petty theft as well. They have a right to hold you. They're gonna ask to take your photograph, you don't have to give them permission. They're gonna ask you to sign a confession, you certainly don't need to do that. Then what happens is they'll call the police. The police will then either arrest you or give you a promise to appear, commonly called a PTA, and you'll be charged with a misdemeanor or a felony depending on how much the value of the goods were. If you're being investigated for shoplifting, and so often we get these cases where people have purchased other merchandise, where they have plenty of cash, where they have credit cards, but they're still accused of theft. Don't say anything, just give your name, be polite, be cooperative and call us so we can represent you. Shoplifting, petty theft, grand theft are serious crimes that will be on your record forever. They must be handled properly so that you can be well represented and get the best possible result even if you did what you're accused of doing, so call us.