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I Was Arrested at a Club. What Should I Do?

I have a daughter and four sons, and I always tell them and their friends that nothing good happens at the clubs at South Beach or anywhere for that matter, after midnight. There are drunks, there are fights, there are weapons, there are drugs, there are bouncers, some of whom are very good and look to avoid problems, some of whom are very violent. Very often the bouncers are friends with the off-duty police or the police who work that area, and so you're never gonna win. What happens is you get involved with the wrong people at the wrong time, at the wrong place, you're gonna go to jail, and then you're gonna have criminal charges. That's the best scenario, if you get in trouble. The worst is you get the heck beat out of you by the bouncers and by the police or by other people in the bar. It's just a horrible scene. So if you had the misfortune of being at a club and getting in trouble even for doing nothing, just being in the wrong place at the wrong time, you can still be charged criminally. Call us so we can represent you and help you and try to do everything possible to prevent you from having a permanent and criminal record for doing nothing.