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I Just Got Arrested for a Drunk Driving in Florida What Do I Do?

First thing you do is say nothing and take no test. The next thing you do is call an experienced criminal defense attorney who understands representing people charged with DUI. It is absolutely essential that you don't call a family lawyer, your real-estate lawyer. Criminal law is a specialty, and DUI representation is a sub-specialty. Don't admit to drinking, don't take field sobriety tests, don't take the breathalyzer. Call an experienced DUI attorney to represent you because the ramifications of a DUI conviction are great. Aside from it being on the Internet, it can cost you your job, it could cost you the ability to get insurance. The ramifications will be for years and years to come. DUI is serious. It's not laughable, it's not something that everyone does, no. It's something that irresponsible people do, and you've got to do everything possible to avoid a conviction for a DUI, and we can help.