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I Heard That Federal Agents Are Asking Questions about Me. What Does This Mean?

If you hear that federal agents are asking questions about you, it means you're in trouble. They're not asking questions for sport or for fun, they're asking questions because they are investigating you, and whether they tell you or tell your neighbors or your friends or your co-workers or your relatives that you're just a subject, what that really means is they are looking to charge you. That is the time that you must seek out an experienced criminal defense attorney to represent you. Don't wait and hope that it'll go away, don't wait and hope that you'll not be charged. No, that's your opportunity to get top-notch counsel, so they can intervene and call the shots, and by the way, don't talk to law enforcement, period, end of story. I don't care if you're as innocent as the day is long, you need experienced counsel, because agents trap people all the time with innocent answers that may even be truthful, and you can end up being charged with violations for giving false statements. There's never anything in it, never, anything in it for you to talk to law enforcement if you're a subject or a target without experienced criminal defense counsel advising you. That rule cannot be broken if you're smart. I have seen so many cases where people felt, especially doctors, lawyers, people who have been around who are educated, who feel, "I'll handle this." It almost always works to their disadvantage.