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I Am in the United States on a Visa. Will Shoplifting Having Immigration Consequences?

Shoplifting can be interpreted as a crime of moral turpitude. It depends on the unique circumstances of your case. But we have so many cases where visitors to the United States, some legal, some illegal, commit crimes, including petty theft, shoplifting, grand theft and all sorts of other crimes. The Obama Administration, in spite of their efforts to keep more immigrants in the United States who arrived here illegally, are cracking down and have been deporting people in a major, major way. If you're involved in criminal activity and you are not a United States citizen, the immigration consequences can be serious and devastating. Even if you have family here, even if you are here legally, let's say on a green card, even if you're here on a student visa, so the fact is that criminal activity is serious. If you're not a United States citizen, it's more serious. The ramifications are more serious and you need to call a criminal defense attorney who understands the immigration consequences of criminal conduct. We'll be happy to represent you. We'll be happy to help you. We're not here to judge you. We're here to represent you.