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How Much Money Should I Expect to Pay for a Criminal Defense Lawyer to Represent Me?

Criminal defense lawyers typically charge what's called fixed fees. In other words, not hourly fees, but a fee for the case, plus whatever costs are involved. It's impossible, of course, for me to tell you how much you'll pay because every case is different. Is it state? Is it federal? How many people are charged? Do you have a prior criminal history? How serious is the crime that you're charged for? There are so many variables. In addition, how experienced is your criminal defense lawyer? Is he or she board certified? It's impossible for me to tell you how much, but you're gonna pay more money for the better lawyers who are experienced, who have the reputation, who know what they're doing, than you will for a kid right out of law school, that's obvious. Get the best lawyer you can afford, it'll make all the difference in the world, and it can save your freedom, it can save your reputation, it can really, really matter. Call us if we can help you.