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How Do I Know If I Am Being Investigated for Federal Charges?

In most circumstances, you'll learn that you're being investigated either by receiving a letter saying that you're some type of a target or a witness to a federal investigation, or in the most unfortunate of circumstances you'll learn because you'll have an agent knocking on your door at 4 o'clock in the morning demanding that you come outside and answer their questions. In whatever circumstances that you learned that you're being investigated, it is absolutely essential that you contact us immediately. If you receive a letter saying that you're a target, if you receive a letter asking for you to appear somewhere as a witness or in the terrible circumstance that you awoken by federal agents outside of your door, our advice to you would be to say nothing, don't answer their questions, be polite and be courteous, but don't make any statements as to your involvement in anything. Contact us immediately so that we can advise you as to what is the next best thing for you to do.