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How Can Your Law Firm Defend Me If I Have Been Arrested in the USA While on a Student Visa?

For the past 41 years, we've represented citizens and non-citizens who are arrested in the United States. The key to remember is this, if you're not a United States citizen, the immigration consequences go beyond that of a United States citizen because you can be deported from the United States upon a conviction for certain crimes. It is essential when you meet with your experienced criminal defense attorney, that you let him or her know about your immigration status in the United States. It is essential that that matter be dealt with. We have cases all the time when lawyers who are not aware of the immigration consequences work out, for example, a plea or a disposition to a case that is, they think is favorable, but nevertheless results in the deportation of that person from the United States. So you don't just need an experienced criminal defense attorney, you must have an experienced criminal defense attorney who understands the immigration consequences of criminal conduct for non-United States citizens. Call us, we can help.