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How Can a Lawyer Help Me If I Have Been Charged with Mortgage Fraud?

Mortgage fraud is a very serious felony, almost always a federal felony because federal lending institutions, banks are involved. Mortgage fraud can easily result in your getting a sentence of incarceration in a federal facility. It's a felony, it's serious, and you need proper representation whether you're alleged to be a straw buyer, whether you filled out supposedly false and fraudulent information to induce the lender to loan you money. Whether you said you were gonna live in the residence that money was loaned on when you really didn't or never were going to do it. Whether you got money to apply for the loan. Whether you're in cahoots with somebody at the mortgage firm or the bank. These are all very, very serious acts that can result in a federal felony conviction and time in custody. So before you talk with law enforcement, if you're being investigated for mortgage fraud, if you hear about it, immediately contact an experienced criminal defense attorney to represent you. This is serious business. You can't handle it by yourself, and you certainly shouldn't wait until you're charged.