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How Can a Lawyer Help Me If I Am Accused of Internet Solicitation &/Or Prostitution?

Whenever an alleged crime takes place that involves several states or more than one state, it triggers federal jurisdiction. It doesn't mean that the federal authorities will take the case. Very often, they refer them to state authorities. But when it's interstate, the Feds do have jurisdiction. But you know, it's amazing, there are more and more of these internet sites that offer so ­called escorts, both male and female, and many people go ahead and get on these sites to get an escort for a trip to Las Vegas, a trip to New York, Miami, et cetera. And sometimes the people that are looking to be with these so­ called escorts will travel Interstate. Now, if it's simply for an escort for someone to a company for dinner or whatever, it's not a crime at all. But very often these sites are really masquerading as escort sites, when they're for prostitution and although there haven't been a lot of cases on this, it's happening more and more. So if you're being investigated, in any way, for being involved in a sexual crime, especially if it involves minors, even if you didn't know they were minors, it's essential that before you say anything to law enforcement, that you be represented by experienced criminal defense attorneys. Call us, we can help you.