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How Are Shoplifting Cases Resolved?

Shoplifting cases can be resolved in a number of ways, the first way that we always attempt to resolve not only a shoplifting case but any criminal case we handle, is to get it dismissed. The second way in which we would try and resolve a shoplifting case would be to try and get you into some kind of a program whereby you would pay back the money for any items that may or may not have been taken and you would participate in an online class, which usually is only about an hour or so long, and at that point, as long as you don't get arrested for a few months, usually about six, your case will then be dismissed. The alternative way to get it resolved would be through a trial. We love going to trial. My partner is a board certified criminal defense attorney, we've been in the business for over 41 years, and we represent hundreds of people every year that are charged with shoplifting cases. And even more serious cases. Call us that we can help you if you've been charged with shoplifting, a grand theft or a petty theft.