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Can I Represent Myself in a Drunk Driving Case? What Can a Drunk Driving Attorney Do for Me?

It would be a terrible decision for you to represent yourself in a DUI case. DUI cases are misdemeanors, they're crimes and they are serious cases and they can often involve prison time. And an experienced defense attorney that is experienced in DUI cases will do everything possible to not only get your case dismissed or on the alternative, get you the most favorable result. DUI cases are very complex, there's a lot of intricacies that are involved, from the Field Sobriety Test or the breath analyzers that might be used, to any statements that you might have said, and it's absolutely essential that you have an experienced criminal defense attorney represent you in these types of cases. It can have ramifications not only for your freedom, but also potentially you could lose your driver's license, your insurance could go up, the consequences could be enormous. You must have an experienced attorney handle your DUI case.