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Can I Have an Attorney Represent Me When I Am in the Military?

Absolutely, and without a doubt. If you're in our armed forces, you're entitled to a private defense attorney to represent you in virtually every accusation that might come about. I've been representing members of our military for 41 years. I've lectured at West Point, the United States Military Academy, where I have a son by the way, who is about to graduate. We have handled military cases for all branches of the armed forces, for enlisted soldiers, sailors as well, as for officers. We've represented generals. We've represented Lieutenant Colonels. We've represented soldiers all up and down the line, including in the United States Coast Guard. There's a big base here on Miami Beach. Soldiers and sailors, Marines can get in trouble for all sorts of reasons, some legitimate, some not. Something as minor as not wearing your uniform properly, that can result in you getting demoted in rank to a lot more serious accusations, to the most serious you can imagine. It's very, very important that you have a lawyer that understands the Uniform Code of Military Justice, that understands captain's mast, that understands courts martial, that understands all sorts of disciplinary proceedings, administrative, criminal and otherwise in the military. Military cases are very, very different than normal civilian criminal cases, so if we can help you, call us and if you're in the military, don't wait. Don't get an inexperienced military lawyer. Get an experienced criminal defense lawyer who can really help you. It'll make all the difference in your future, especially if you plan to stay in the military, and if you're not gonna be in, the type of discharge you get becomes essential for your future.