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Are There Criminal Repercussions for Carrying a Knife?

Carrying and using knives can carry serious criminal penalties. Let me explain. If you have a carry conceal permit, you can carry a knife, but what kind of knife? The laws are different all throughout the United States and federal. Automatic knives are not permitted in many states. Knives like this knife is not considered automatic, but it's not a gravity knife, and there are different laws that are involved. If a knife is used during the commission of a crime, a knife is considered a deadly weapon. Very often the laws regarding knives are very similar to the laws involving firearms. It's essential that if you're charged with possession of a concealed weapon, a knife or a knife that is not permitted under your local laws, that you have an attorney, a criminal defense attorney, who understands the laws regarding knives. They're much more severe than most people realize. You can go to gun shows, you can go to hardware stores, you can buy all sorts of knives, many of which are actually illegal in the very jurisdiction in which they are sold. So it's critical that you get a criminal defense attorney that understands laws relating to knives and weapons and self-defense and carrying weapons concealed to represent you properly. You don't wanna be convicted simply for having a pocket knife.