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Are the Standardized Field Sobriety Tests Accurate?

The Field Sobriety Tests are designed for one thing, to make sure that nobody passes. They are incredibly unfair. People who have had no alcohol, no controlled substances, no prescribed or illegal medication, often cannot pass The Field Sobriety Test. I urge all of my clients, my family, my friends, never to take field sobriety tests. Are they accurate? No. Are they fair? No. Are they designed to get people found guilty of DUI? Yes. Can the police pass them? Usually, no. The DUI officers that administer the test sometimes try to show how to do it, but I'll give you a very, very quick example. They'll tell you to touch the tip of your finger to the tip of your nose, like this. Well, most people will go like this, they will say you flunked because you didn't actually touch the tip of your finger. They do everything possible to make sure you don't pass. Don't take Field Sobriety Tests.