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Immigration Criminal Offenses

Examining Passport

Federal prosecutors routinely indict people with criminal immigration offenses. During the Trump Administration, these prosecutions have increased.

A common criminal immigration offense is when a person who has been deported reenters the United States illegally or is found in this country. This is the crime of illegal reentry. The punishment for these violations are often severe, especially if the person charged (called a defendant) was deported after a conviction for certain felonies, called “aggravated felonies”, as defined by Federal law. But, the aggravated felonies need not have been Federal crimes; state convictions falling under the definition are sufficient to support a federal crime.

Sometimes people “sneak” in to the United States and are not apprehended until days, or months, or even years later. Those people often get caught when they are stopped for an alleged traffic violation or when they are arrested for a new offense. People reenter the United States after being deported, for many reasons. Of course, financial incentives are a common reason, but, often, people reenter illegally to be with their family members who live here.

If you or a loved one is charged with the criminal immigration offense of illegal reentry (a violation of 8 U.S.C. § 1326), call us immediately and, ideally, before talking with law enforcement agents.

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