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Stopped by Store Security and Then Accused of Shoplifting or Theft – What Do I Do?

Shoplifting word chart

Dozens of shoplifting, or petty or grand theft, arrests take place every day. Under state law in almost every state, store employees are legally permitted to stop and detain suspected thieves. Usually, in the larger stores, evidence of the theft will have been recorded on video. Sometimes, undercover security employees actually witness the theft.

Changing price tags, hiding goods in false bottom bags, going into changing rooms and wearing stolen clothes, jewelry, etc. outside the store, are common facts that are used to prove shoplifting. Often, the person accused has sufficient cash and/or credit cards which would have easily paid for the items taken. Sometimes, store personnel aid in the theft.

Police are always called. The store security officers usually attempt to get the suspect to confess, often before the police arrive. Sometimes they will say that if you admit taking the goods without paying, they won’t call the police. But, they do call the police after getting the admission. Sometimes the store security officers ask you to sign a statement in which you admit to the theft. Don’t do it.

The police who respond often have the option not to arrest you. If you are polite, they may simply give you a notice to appear in court to face the charges. So, be nice to the police without admitting anything and call us to represent you.

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