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I Heard That Federal Agents Are Asking Questions about Me. What Does This Mean?

Phone call with officers

With the guilty pleas and convictions of some of President Donald Trump’s friends many people have heard of the Federal crime of making a false statement. To be convicted, the statement made must be false and it must be “material”. The statement must have been made with what courts call “specific intent” and, to be a Federal offense, the false statement had to have been within the jurisdiction of a Federal governmental agency. Concealing a material fact when it is required by a Federal statute, a form or regulation may also constitute a violation of the statute.

Our strong advice to anyone being investigated for a Federal crime is to retain competent counsel to represent you and guide you through the process. DO NOT SPEAK WITH LAW ENFORCEMENT AGENTS unless your criminal defense lawyer advises you to do it with him or her being with you. There is an interesting statement: “A fish that doesn’t open its mouth, doesn’t get caught” (except by a net). Remember that statement before talking with Federal agents so you can avoid being charged with a violation of the Federal false statement statute. You must invoke and protect your constitutional right to remain silent!

You are invited to call us to represent and advise you before you talk with law enforcement, especially if you are under investigation or are a “target” or a “subject” of a Federal criminal investigation.

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