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What Does a Target Letter Look Like?

Target Letter

Federal prosecutors send target letters to individuals against whom they intend to seek an indictment. Sometimes, those letters are also received by witnesses to possible violations of Federal criminal laws. A target letter will notify the recipient as to his or her status (target, subject or witness) and as to the crime that is being investigated by the Federal government. It will also invite the recipient and his or her lawyer to contact the Federal prosecutor to discuss the investigation.

Regardless of whether the target letter is addressed to you as a target, a subject or a witness, it is critical that you retain an experienced Federal criminal defense lawyer to represent you if you received one. Do not contact the prosecutor or any of the Federal agents listed on the letter. Remember that anything that you do or say will be used against you. Even if you are listed as a witness, that does not guarantee that the government will not charge you with a Federal crime. Protect yourself by hiring a knowledgeable Federal criminal defense lawyer quickly.

We are a team of experienced and knowledgeable Federal criminal defense lawyers who frequently represent clients who have received target letters – we are ready to help you.

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