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When Does the FBI Decide to Investigate a Matter Rather than the Local or State Police?

Fraud Crimes

The great majority of criminal prosecutions are state prosecutions for violations of state law. Just as there are state laws prohibiting certain, specified criminal behavior, there are also Federal criminal laws, passed by Congress, often for the same or similar offenses. Some crimes are exclusively state crimes; some are exclusively Federal crimes; and some crimes can be prosecuted by either state or Federal prosecutors.

Typically, Federal white-collar crimes include fraud crimes such as mortgage fraud, mail fraud, wire fraud, healthcare fraud, and other fraud related crimes. Federal crimes are investigated by Federal law enforcement agencies such as the FBI, Homeland Security, DEA, etc. Sometimes, there is cooperation and coordination between Federal, state and local law enforcement agencies, often called task forces.

In crimes involving alleged political corruption or violations of Federal elections offenses, the Department of Justice in Washington, D.C. usually leads the prosecution. Most violations occur when the official solicits, accepts, receives, or agrees to receive something of value in return for influence in the performance of an official act, or by allegedly using campaign or PAC money for personal expenses.

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