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Top Attractions Around Fontainebleau

Places You Can’t Afford to Miss

Every city has its unique attractions that tourists always seem to stop by. For London, it’s Big Ben, as is the case with the Great Wall Of China in China. These sites are what most people identify the cities with. Fontainebleau isn’t any different. While it may not be as popular as other big cities, it has a few top-tier attractions worth a visit. Visit this link for more information.

Ocean Drive

By far one of the most famous boulevards in the country, maybe even worldwide, Ocean Drive is easily characterized by the distinct art deco buildings, glittering hotels, and club fronts and constant streams crowds including world artists, movie actors, and other celebrities, from shopping to sightseeing, this is where everything happens. You are genuinely in luck if you get a hotel here because you are guaranteed to be in the thick of things. Learn more about Thrilling Things to Do in Westchester.

Art Deco Tour

Just a few miles away in Miami Beach is the famed Art Deco District and everything associated with it. Regardless of whether you are an art enthusiast, you are guaranteed to enjoy this. From the Art Deco Museum to Art Deco Weekend and Art Deco Gift Shop, there is always something going on.